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License State: ER13012994 Insured: The Hartford

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Our Commitment

To be the most honest and ethical trade partner of choice. To provide superior electrical services, labor and building components to the commercial Industrial and some residential in the electrical industries. To foster a work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and growth.

My Profile

I (Dennis Allen) started my electrical trade experience with my father Charles Allen on weekends from the age of 6 yes I did say 6 (six). My father used my brother and I as helpers, me to go in places he couldn't get or fit for many years. Starting in Louisville where My Grandfather was a GC buying property and developing building home honest people could afford at that time the 50's through 1960 when he Emmett E. Probus Sr. past tragically in a horrific automobile accident.

Allen Electric a sole proprietorship my father officially opened our family business doors in 1976. As a small electrical business doing work primarily in Pompano Beach, where we worked on small residential development finally landing  his first commercial multiple unit contract with Southland Corporation wiring 7-11's throughout Florida. We also pickup multiple Warehouse's and other projects.

We then add a location in Kissimmee, FL  in 1981to work on Disney Projects. We have always focused on delivering dependability and exceptional electrical service to our customers. Since that time, Allen Electric became ASCO Electric In 1982. When dad (Charles E. Allen) partnered with a young man who misrepresented himself. Which is why I am very leery of people who want me to be involved with them on their so called projects that would be under my license. Don't get me wrong I tried it once and my gut feeling was correct so...

In 1992 after working as a Union Electrician in Orlando/Kissimmee/Saint Cloud area (mostly Disney World projects). I moved to Louisville KY. Obtained my Electrical contractors license where I would wire service stations and some residential projects until 1995 as Wye Electric a name I would have kept but my customers always thought it was my last name.

In 95 I move back here and worked out of the Broward/Palm Beach Local Union 728. Where I worked on various local project honing my foreman/leadership skills. Put in the time to document the hours, weeks, months to years I needed to get the opportunity to take the Unlimited Electrical Masters Exam and Business exam needed to open a Electrical business here in Broward.    

Then in 2004 I opened for business re-branded Wye Electric as Dennis Allen Electrical Services and have grown along with the business. Trying to expanded our range of services, we have remained reliable and our electricians complete every project on time.

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What's  New

bulletRebuild website - Feb 1-29
bulletDecided to build a better web - Feb-May 2012

Project; Speciality Orthopedic Center

This how we found the building pre-construction.


bulletJan 1 - Start Specialty Orthopedic Center Deerfield Beach. Demo Started December
bulletJan 7 - Photos posted on Facebook Business Page for Dennis Allen Electrical Services, Inc.

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